Tyler Oakley Under Fire Over Previous Comments

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It’s no secret that YouTuber Chescaleigh (real name Franchesca Ramsey) isn’t a fan of YouTube sensation and LGBT advocate Tyler Oakley ever since she reblogged a strongly-worded response to a joke of Tyler’s about diversity in late 2012. Despite removing the video in question, “Why Diversity Sucks,” and insisting that the“best part of doing YouTube for five plus years is seeing how much I’ve grown up. Worst is the cringeworthy bumps documented along the way”, it looks like Tyler has yet to outrun the demons from his young past.

The incident started with a seemingly innocent post on the On No They Didn’t! blog, in which Chescaleigh answered a fan’s question “Chescaleigh do you hate Tyler Oakley like the rest of the functioning world hates Tyler Oakley too” [sic] with this response:

“I don’t hate him. I don’t hate anyone. Do I take issue with some of the things he’s said and done? Yes. Have I said so publicly? yup.

No one’s perfect and I think he still has some growing up to do. It’s easy to forget that he’s only like 23 or 24 which is still pretty young. I think there are a lot of people calling him out in addition to people crossing the line into harassment, which makes it harder for the legit criticisms to be heard. who knows, in a few years he might look back on some of the things he’s said and offer a genuine apology. Thank God I’m no longer the person I was at 24.” – Chescaleigh


She continues this conversation with fans by addressing Tyler’s ignorance of racism, as she perceives it, which you can read here in full. Tyler then caught wind of the criticism and not only released his own blog post on his website, aptly titled “On Privilege“, but also tweeted it directly to Chescaleigh with a request to take it “into consideration before you continue to speak about me publicly.” Although his post could be construed as introspective, self-aware, and outwardly honest about his own shortcomings, Chescaleigh interpreted it as offensive and responded that “it sucks that sent this to me because he thinks I’m shit talking him, but such is life.” Given the level of miscommunication between these two, if we didn’t know any better, we might think they were dating!

“I guess another ah-ha moment is realizing that privilege is having your feelings hurt by being called racist or sexist or transphobic or problematic, but not actually having to face racism or sexism or transphobia day to day.

Although I’ve seen many Tumblr posts accusing me of acting as though I’m “the voice of the gays” or of being “a gay icon” – I’ve never considered myself that, nor would I ever want to act like that. I can only offer my own perspective and use my privilege to showcase other perspectives that could help the world.” – Tyler Oakley

This isn’t the first time Chescaleigh has found herself in the center of drama after her Twitter fight with Shane Dawson just last year, and something tells us it won’t be the last. Do you think Tyler deserves an apology after issuing one, or were Chescaleigh’s opinions justified? Let us know in the comments below!