Magcon – Youtube Convention Disaster

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If you haven’t heard of Magcon you probably aren’t aware of the controversy surrounding their Orlando event. Magcon is a convention that tours america featuring various Youtuber celebrities and Vine stars. Think of Vidcon without the impressive lineup, or decent event organization. Magcon has been under fire after their convention had a disastrous event in Orlando Florida. According to various reports the company got greedy, and vastly overbooked their show. The unorganized event couldn’t handle the amount of people that attended which resulted in attendees waiting in line for hours only to be sent home without having met a single Youtuber/Viner.

After the event was shut down hundreds of upset customers took to various social media sites to report their unfortunate experiences at Magcon.0bf2213ee46c324accf016c584a57f96






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Magcon has even been called out by Youtuber Orion Carloto for having never featured a female youtuber/viner in their line up.


The company or any of its representatives has yet to publicly acknowledge the failures of the Orlando event, the only comment we have seen is from Tour Manager Nick Swenson. Nick simply said, “I’m sorry. I’m just one person.” Although we have yet to hear about any refunds being given, Magcon has allegedly promised attendees free tickets to another event.

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