Bethany Mota’s New Aeropostal Clothing Line

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Stylish beauty guru Bethany Mota has teamed up with American retailer Aeropostal to create her first clothing line!

It’s no secret Aeropostal has struggled with it’s image and relevancy amongst teenagers and young adults for the past couple of years. The clothing giant is betting on one of YouTube’s brightest stars to bring relevancy back to their image. The cute clothing collaboration will debut in stores across the country on December 8th 2013, but you can preview some of the fashionable looks on Aeropostal’s website. You can also see Bethany and her collection in the Aeropostal commercial below.

In a promotional interview Bethany has revealed some of her inspirations for the clothing collection.

I’ve been wanting to do a fashion collection since as long as I could remember. I like to get inspiration from everywhere. So for this collection it’s like magazines, blogs, and all that kind of stuff. I take trends and put my own twist on it, I make it my own.

With Michelle Phan’s Lancomé deal and Bethany Mota’s Aeropostal line, it seems like major companies are finally starting to see New Media as a source for successful business deals! Will you shop The Bethany Mota Collection? Leave a comment below!

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