Michelle Phan Lawsuit Scandal

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Throwback Thursday – Michelle Phan Acne Cream Lawsuit

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For our first Throwback Thursday article we decided to feature Michelle Phan’s 2009 lawsuit scandal. One of Michelle Phan’s first business ventures was her line of acne cream IQQU. The cream’s launch was damaged by an overwhelming amount of bad press and reviews. It all started when a couple of reviews were posted to MakeupAlly that claimed the cream caused dark spots and cysts.


I was a fan of Michelle Phan…But this was before I tried her skincare products. Since using then, I have gotten a terrible chemical burn on my face that is taking months to heal! How dare she make a product like this?? Oh, and this is even better-
Michelle Phan has a lawsuit against her because her skincare line was found to contain harmful ingredients in it that causes cysts and dark spots to form on women’s skin. They are asking for more victims to come foward for the lawsuit. So far there are 300 people in the class action lawsuit against her. Why would Michelle Phan make a skincare product that hurts people? Is she that obsessed by making a profit that she would be willing to hurt other people to get it? Its just disgusting! She is taking advantage of young, innocent girls! I am so disappointed in her. I actually thought she was a good person


I bought this sunscreen when Michelle Phan first advertised it on her youtube videos. After using the sunscreen, it gave my skin a white overcast, it had a bad smell to it, and it broke my skin out for weeks. I saw my dermatologist and showed him the sunscreen. He advised me to stop using it immediately and the ingredients in it was what made me broke out. I am foolish to spend so much money on this cheap line. I did research on her skincare line and found out that it was all manufactured in an unknown asian country. Michelle Phan is just a mere college student who has no credential in skincare. I am no longer supporting Michelle Phan and her skincare line. So how can she afford the research behind her line? I am also skeptical with the makeup line she is creating for consumers to buy. Please don’t fall for IQQU like I did. The ingredients in her iqqu line is highly toxic to the skin and should not be used!!


Word spread quickly that Michelle’s cream was made with cheap, and harmful chemicals. It wasn’t long before the acne cream’s reputation was completely destroyed. After rumors of a 3 million dollar lawsuit sprung up, the bad press and rumors couldn’t be ignored. Michelle Phan’s lawyer eventually got involved and discovered that there was a girl creating multiple accounts on various review sites all with the goal of ruining Michelle and IQQU’s reputation. Michelle and her team were allegedly planning on suing the girl for defamation against her and the IQQU brand. After tracking the girl down they discovered she was underaged and decided not to pursue legal action. The girl apologized but the damage was done, to this day the bad reviews and lawsuit rumors are believed to be the main contributing factors to the failure of IQQU.

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