Charles Trippy Tragic Cancer News

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tumblr_mnmfczFxtq1qz60m3o1_1280We were so sad to hear that Charles Trippy’s brain tumor has become cancerous. Charles and Alli Trippy broke the heartbreaking news to their audience yesterday. In the beginning of 2012 doctors discovered that Charles had a non malignant tumor (not cancerous). After having brain surgery last September doctors found out that Charles’ brain tumor had changed into a grade III oligodendroglioma malignant tumor. The good news is that this type of cancer does not spread to other parts of the body. Alli has stated that Charles  and that he will most likely be going through oral chemotherapy.charles-trippy-vlogs-brain-surgery

“We got his pathology reports back from the people testing his tumor. So the results of his pathology are as follows: He had a grade II oligodendroglioma before, and now what he has is a grade III oligodendroglioma. Which means that unfortunately it is a malignant brain tumor. You can call it what you want but it is classified as a type of Cancer, but we are not going to use that word, because that word just sounds terrifying.”

“It is scary, we are both scared but we are also hopeful that its going to turn out for the best because he has some very good people on his team.”

Our thoughts are with Charles and Alli during this difficult time.