Youtuber harasses Acacia Brinley on twitter

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Receiving hate is nothing new to Acacia Brinley, we wouldn’t have even reported on this if it wasn’t for the fact that this twitter fights provoker is a known 100K Youtuber with connections to the Janoskians. It all started when members of the Janoskians fandom tweeted that they shipped Teddy and Acacia because they both have bold eyebrows. The tweets sparked a massive twitter fight where Teddy replied with hate to the majority of Acacia’s tweets. At one point Teddy even brought us into the fight with an extremely inappropriate tweet that should never be sent to any 15 year old girl.

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After blocking Teddy, Acacia posted a rant about her feelings on the situation, and hate in general.

Just try to imagine not being able to do ANYTHING without people saying rude shit to you. Just try. I would just like rant about how fucked up people are. First of all, everyone’s different.. everyone has different outlooks and opinions about what looks good and what doesn’t, so you have no right to make fun of the way someone does their makeup or the way they dress because EVERYONE thinks differently. Everyone has different tastes and interests. People should respect that. You’re not perfect. Maybe I don’t like the way you do your hair… I’m not gonna tweet you making fun of your hair, because it’s YOUR hair and you do it how YOU like it… so you can’t tweet me that my eyebrows are ugly or I’m ugly because there’s no set definition of how things should be. Just opinions. Also, get to know a person before you say you don’t like them. Because everyone I know in real life likes me, but the people that don’t like me are people that don’t know a thing about me.


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