Trisha Paytas X-Rated Picture Scandal

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Online personality Trisha Paytas is facing a troubling scandal. Multiple X-rated pictures of the youtuber have been making their rounds online. The most major example is the article posted on featuring two of the scandalous pictures. The post has already received more than 100,000 views.

The article also took a couple shots at Trisha’s morals, and lifestyle:

“She claims to be very Christian and God fearing, but I don’t understand how someone that preaches Christianity and morals on YouTube take so many sl*tty pictures”

She lied about being celibate, yet this whole time she’s been sleeping with old men. She’s brags about dating 40-80 year old men, and having them pay for her wants and needs.

We decided not to feature the explicit pictures, but if you want to see them here is the original “article.”


Trisha's book "The History of My Insanity, from esquort to Youtuber"

Trisha’s book “The History of My Insanity”

Trisha Paytas has been quite the controversial topic since she stepped into the youtube spotlight. Host of The Young Turks Ana Kasparian has called Trisha “the most annoying woman on youtube.” More specifically Ana has uploaded a video response in which she summarizes her feelings towards Trisha.

“Trisha Paytas is the epitome of a hypocritical, nonsensical, and ignorant person. Every once in a while she’ll make a video that helps those with body image issues, or self esteem issues. But then she’ll make a video with her insane political or religious beliefs.” – Ana Kasparian


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