The real reason Ricardo left Our2ndLife

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Back in April Ricardo Ordieres announced his resignation from youtube’s favorite boy group Our2ndLife. Ricardo came out with a video stating that his official reasons for leaving Our2ndLife included his schedule being too hectic, and that he was more interested in becoming a radio personality than a youtube star. Recent reports state that the breakup may have not been so clean, and that the radio host may have actually been kicked out of the group.

Our source sent us a detailed email about how Ricardo “never really fit in with the boys” and “was only apart of the group to help his radio career.” They also sent us a screenshot of a post from fellow Our2ndLife member Ricky Dillon‘s tumblr. The alleged post stated that Ricardo only used the boys to gain an online following. Not only that with the tumblr post reveals that Ricardo may have been “rude, two faced, and fake.” While the screenshot has yet to be confirmed, many fans claim to have seen it. Our source also claimed that Ricky’s friend Shelby Waddell confirmed the rumors.

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In Ricardo’s goodbye video he confessed, “Ricky Dillon you don’t have one mean bone in your body and I truly love you like a brother.” The statement, being a polar opposite from Ricky’s only adds to the suspicions that Ricardo was indeed, “fake and two faced.” After Ricky’s tumblr post circulated around the fandom Ricardo began receiving many tweets, and comments asking if the rumors were true. Ricardo eventually responded with a statement that denied accusations. The comment said everything was fine, he still hangs out with the boys, and that he loves them like brothers. Do you think Ricardo is protecting his reputation? or that the screenshots were fabricated and photoshopped? Leave a comment below!




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