Alleged pictures of Joey Graceffa at Gay Bar

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Joey Graceffa’s sexuality has become a major topic within the “psychopath” fandom. Many fans believe Joey is heterosexual, while others think he is a openly gay male who is hiding his sexuality from his viewers. Some people even believe he is dating his friend and fellow youtuber Doug (click here to read that post). We have posted many articles with different clues and hints that might answer the million dollar question but we have never flat out said Joey Graceffa is gay. So before you Joey fans go on a tweeting rampage just remember that its only speculation.

Today I received a bunch of tips about Joey Graceffa being spotted at a gay bar. I remember reading one of our comments about this a while back so these pictures have existed for a while but it wasn’t until now that this topic really started to gain attention. The original picture was found on a tumblr where a user talks about meeting Joey Graceffa at Fiesta Cantina, a gay bar in hollywood. Since these pictures surfaced many fans have classified it as “fake and photoshopped”…a very predictable reaction. Take a look and decide for yourself. This picture could be another clue, or Joey Graceffa could have just been having a night out with his gay friends, what do you think?

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