Strawburry17 and Jimmy Wong Breakup

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One of youtubes most beloved couples Meghan Camarena (aka strawburry17) and Jimmy Wong have called it quits after 2 years of dating. I know we are a few days late on this but that was because we were contacting some of our many sources trying to figure out why the couple broke up. To my surprise most of our sources came up blank. Perhaps their really was no toxic event and the couple did just stop loving each other. One of our readers is not so convinced, “Its very weird because I saw them at vidcon and they both seemed so happy and in love. Both Meghan & Jimmy say it was a mutual decision with no hard feelings, yet Meghan was bawling her eyes out in her vlog last night? It’s strange how these youtuber’s multiyear serious relationships all allegedly end for seemingly no reason. This is just another example of a youtuber trying to make their life appear perfect.” A couple days ago Meghan Camarena took to twitter to let her fans know that the 2 year relationship was over.

“After 2 yrs of dating Jimmy Wong & I are no longer together. It was mutual and there are no hard feelings. We still really care for each other and this is really hard on both of us. If you could respect our decision & help with this healing process I’d be forever grateful. Break ups aren’t easy especially when jimmy was such a huge part of my life. Thanks for understanding and all the love and support.”

Video Game High School star Jimmy Wong also went on twitter to release a statement, ” To let you all know Meghan Camarena and I are no longer together. It was a mutual decision and we still deeply care for each other. Meghan was such an important part of my life these last two years and will always be. Thank you for all your love and respecting our privacy and decision. We don’t want rumors or gossip to make this process any more difficult on either of us. Thank you so much.”

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