Onision is having a baby

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I honestly did not see this coming at all. Onision is expecting his first child with his 18 year old wife Taylor Elaine, the controversial youtube star confirmed the news on his social media accounts. Most of the pregnancy was kept a secret from the world as for Lainey is already 5 months pregnant, more specifically 19 weeks. At first the couple was not going to tell their fans the name but Lainey has confirmed that the babies name will be Troy!

Ultrasound of baby Troy

Since the news has come out many of Onision’s “haters” have been appalled about Greg’s impending fatherhood. “Onision is not fit to be a father, he is an immature man child who purposely starts various dramas and scandals to get more famous on youtube” says a Buzz Tube reader. Scandals aside many people think Onision shouldn’t be a father because of his various offensive opinions on some serious topics such as rape, suicide, ect. Another reader sent us a tip stating, “I don’t know about you but I don’t think a man who had a scandal involving an underage 17 year old girl and a topless photo a couple months ago should be having a child.” After reading that it hit me, Lainey is 5 months pregnant, that means the underage girl scandal happened WHILE his wife was pregnant. I also remembered reading something about Onision claiming he was sterile, and without that much effort I found the screenshot of his facebook post.

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