Zalfie is real! Zoella and Alfie secretly dating.

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Every shippers dream is to find out that their OTP was secretly dating the entire time, and for fans of Alfie and Zoella that dream came true. It all started when a fan was watching a vlog of theirs. They noticed Alfie’s blurry wallpaper of a girl kissing a boy. A light bulb went off and the fan had a Sherlock moment which resulted in this happening.

Some fans are claiming this is all just a prank. Personally think thats a bit of a stretch for them to put in all this effort for a joke thats not even that funny. A source sent us a tip which said, “Zoella and Alfie were keeping this a secret because its easier and healthier for a relationship to not be this huge public deal. If it didn’t work out fans wouldn’t have to take sides because they wouldn’t even know anything went down. Look at Jennamarbles and MaxNoSleeves, or Ingrid Nilsen and Luke Conard. Both huge public spectacles. Even Jenna has learned her lesson and is keeping her newest relationship a secret.”


Just when we started to believe that they really were “just good friends”, an image reveals that they’ve been secretly dating for who knows how long. I know I received a tip at the end of June that said, “everyone thinks that Zoella and Alfie are just friends, just another ship the fans created. Little does everyone know they are actually together.” At the time I just thought it was another shipper trying to convince me that their otp is real, I guess I should have listened.

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