Onision restarts Shane Dawson drama

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Youtubes most infamous villain Onision clearly mocked Shane Dawson in todays new video, “The Truth about Youtubers.” Some time ago Shane Dawson and Onision had a major fall out. Our source tell us that Shane Dawson and Onision used to be really good friends, all that changed when Shane Dawson started to feel like Onision was using him. Shane Dawson is very careful when it comes to being friends with youtubers. Our source told us that Shane Dawson has had countless instances where people were using him to gain popularity on youtube. Everybody knows that just being in one of Shane’s videos can gain you thousands of subscribers. One time Shane Dawson gave a shout out to a youtuber named comicfire and he gained 20,000 subscribers. Being this influential has made him a target, and when Shane Dawson felt Onision was using him he was quick to cut all ties with him.

In Onisions video Onision mocks the situation by pretending to be Shane.

Anna (playing onision)- so do you wanna collab on your channel or my channel

Onision (playing shane)- wait why are we collabing on my channel

Anna (playing onision)- I said my channel OR your channel

Onision (playing shane)- oh my god you are using me for traffic! CAN I HAVE A SINGLE GOD DAMN GENUINE FRIENDSHIP

another situation where Shane found out a friend was using him

Onision also mocked Shane Dawson‘s drama with comicfire07 where comicfire07 drove hours to collab with Shane Dawson, but shane cancelled because a relative of his passed away. Click here to read about the Shane Dawson and Comicfire fight.

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