Anthony Padilla and Kalel Kitten prenup problem

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No prenup for Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen??



Now that their romantic engagement vacation is over Anthony Padilla and Kalel Kitten have to return to the real world and deal with all the stress of planning a wedding.

According to the tip we received today Anthony Padilla is choosing love over money. There won’t be prenup to protect all that money Anthony Padilla has made from his Smosh empire (Smosh,, Smosh Cartoons, Smosh Games). Now Anthony Padilla I’m not saying this is a horrible idea…. but yea its a horrible idea.

Kalel Kitten isn’t by any means poor, but she hasn’t done anything to bring her anywhere near the financial rewards that Anthony Padilla has earned from co-owning the Smosh empire, which includes the most subscribed channel on Youtube. According to our source It was Kalel’s idea to sign a prenup to protect Anthony’s fortune. Anthony Padilla allegedly declined the offer.

Just to give you an idea of how much is at steak for the youtube star, according to webofworth is worth 58 Million dollars. Its estimated that Anthony Padilla makes 1.2 million dollars a year off his youtube channel.. Considering the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce, and in California divorces usually end up giving the wife half of everything this might be a bad idea.

Do you think Anthony Padilla is making a mistake?

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