Royal Youtube Wedding- Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen

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Omg guys it’s official Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen are engaged! My source tells us that after close to three years of being together Anthony Padilla took the old fashioned route and asked Kalel’s parents if he could marry their daughter.



After getting permission Anthony Padilla took Kalel on a trip to Tokyo, Japan. The Smosh star planned a romantic day of sightseeing places like The Pokemon Center, and The Tokyo Zoo. While at the Zoo Anthony Padilla put his camera in his lap and secretly recorded the special moment. You can see it happen in the vlog “A Romantic Day in Japan”

There aren’t many details about the wedding since the couple hasn’t started officially planning it, but there are a few rumors and speculations going around.

– The wedding will be recorded and uploaded to youtube, some are even speculating a live event.

– It will be a star studded event filled with many other youtubers, like PewDiePie, Joey Graceffa, Tobuscus and many more! 

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