Michelle Phan Model Boyfriend

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Dominique Capraro - you don’t know him but you may have seen modeling or cozying up to Youtubes top beauty guru Michelle Phan. A source tells BuzzTubeOnline - Three years ago, the male model met this Michelle Phan in a Parisian cafe. Instantly there was a connection and they kept in touch. Dominique has previously revealed to the media that their first date took place on Valentine’s Day of 2011, in New York. Romantic dinner and stroll around the Big Apple. The date when well and in the following months the two fell in love and Dominique moved to Los Angeles to be with Michelle Phan. Fast forward two years later and the fashionable couple is still together! Maybe an engagement is on the horizon?? Come on Michelle Phan get on it! The youtube community needs their own royal baby already.