Luke Conard and Ingrid Nilsen breakup details

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Interested in the Luke Conard and Ingrid Nilsen breakup? Well incase the last two posts weren’t enough for you lol we have even MORE details. I know, I know this breakup is starting to get overexposed but we keep getting new information and in my opinion things are starting to reach their boiling point. A few days ago we reported on the tweets that revealed the alleged cheating scandal that broke the couple apart (click here to read that post). Apparently one twitter scandal is not enough for the YouTube couple because a few days ago Luke Conard tweeted Missglamourazzi a link to his video “When I Was Your Man” clearly trying to win the beauty guru back. Like the last time Luke Conard tweeted her, Ingrid Nilsen was just not having it. The beauty guru let Luke know that it was too late for any reconciliation.  After posting about their breakup we got multiple insiders emailing us details and one of our sources said that Luke Conard keeps tweeting Ingrid Nilsen because hes desperate to talk to her since she ignores all of his texts and phone calls. Another source tells us that “Luke keeps trying to win her back. Sadly, Ingrid is really heartbroken and rejects all of Luke’s attempts and when Luke feels rejected over and over, he apparently deletes the tweets immediately. There were more tweets that were deleted in April, but I cant seem to find any screenshots of them. Luke is also coming to a breaking point with all the YouTube comments, tweets, and Instagram comments for 3 reasons:

1. It makes him overwhelmed with guilty.

2. Feels he cannot win her back and gets depressed.

3. Hates that all the comments are irrelevant to his videos, tweets, pics, and posts.”

Speaking of Luke and youtube comments we received multiple tips informing us that Luke Conard has gone on a comment deleting rampage. On his video- Tin Can Challenge with Landon Austin, he is now deleting any youtube comments relating to his relationship, positive or negative. One BuzzTubeOnline reader told us that Luke deleted her comment that said, “sorry about Ingrid everything happens for a reason, we still love you!” Kinda odd of him to delete a nice comment like that.