Did Luke Conard cheat on Ingrid Nilsen?

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In the wake of this weekend’s breakup news, BuzzTubeOnline received quite an interesting tip that might explain the Ingrid Nilsen Luke Conard breakup.

They say history repeats itself, it looks like that saying might be true because Ingrid Nilsen allegedly put Luke Conard on blast over twitter announcing to the world that Luke Conard is a cheater. Can you say Deja Vu to the Jennamarbles cheating scandal that happend a few weeks ago.

According to our source she came across screen caps of the tweets, now before you blame this on us, neither one of us knows if these tweets are real. I admit that never saw these tweets and I am glued to our twitter account.. which btw you should totally follow @BuzzTubeOnline lol. Some people are saying that she deleted the tweet quickly after posting it. This would make sense since our last source on the situation said that Missglamorazzi is really into appearances.

Only time will tell whether the couple’s recent breakup is a temporary split or a permanent breakup, but for now, at least, they’re living separate lives. “They’re both good people,” the first source tells BuzzTubeOnline. “It was just not the right thing for either of them right now.”

If these tweets are real should Ingrid forgive and forget? Or in the words of JennaMarbles, “Once a cheater always a cheater!”