Shane Dawson Engaged To Lisa Schwartz (RUMOR)

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Is one of youtubes most known personalities- Shane Dawson really engaged? Even with some new evidence, we still don’t know for sure — but some people are definitely taking the following bit of news as a positive sign.

Shane Dawson is facing rumors that he is tying the knot with his girlfriend of more than 1 year Lisa Schwartz. Theses rumors went into overdrive today when Shane Dawson uploaded a disgustingly adorable video listing all the reasons he loves his beautiful girlfriend Lisa Schwartz. At one point in the video Shane even says,” who knows maybe they will play this video at our wedding.” If you listen closely you can almost hear #shoey shippers (including myself) crying.

Get ready to puke.. Here are some of the things Shane loves most about Lisa
–Shane Dawson loves how Lisa Schwartz smells like cotton candy.Shane loves the way Lisa gets him through awkward social situations.

–Shane Dawson loves the way Lisa stares at him lovingly while hes driving, aww brb because I’m about to go drive myself off a cliff.

My personal favorite, “I love the way she laughs so hard she cries, and then her makeup runs and she looks like a street whore… I love that street whore.”

If this engagement is true, it’s hardly surprising — in my opinion Shane and Lisa are the cutest YouTube couple. All I have to say is that if they do get married the ceremony better be uploaded to YouTube CTFXC style.


Do you want Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz to get married?