MaxNoSleeves CHEATED on Jenna Marbles

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Slowly the pieces of the biggest youtube breakup of the year are coming together. A few days ago new details concerning the Jenna Marbles/MaxNoSleeves breakup emerged. According to Jenna herself Max cheated not once but TWICE. According to our source About 4 months ago Max broke Jenna’s heart when he hooked up with another woman. This almost completely ruined their relationship. Jenna Marbles coped the only way she knew how.. she vented through her video Things I Don’t Understand About Girls Part 2: Slut Edition. A few weeks later the Bradtheladlong drama (Click for full story) ignited a huge fight between the two and it was the final straw for Jenna.

Fast forward to present day- JennaMarbles tweets this about Max leaving many to speculate if the couple was close to getting back together until Max cheated again.

Jenna took it a step further and publicly declared that she doesn’t not support MaxNoSleeves’s YouTube channel and all the success Max piggybacked off Jenna. Looks like it’s safe to say that Jenna Mourey is completely done with Max.

Serena x