Shane Dawson Kisses Joey Graceffa

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Two guys who just dont give a f*ck about gay rumors, Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa. The boys made headlines this weekend when Shane kissed Joey in his new video Dare The Dawson. Shane responded to a person that dared him to kiss Joey SCANDALOUSS and this isn’t even the first time that Shane has kissed a boy on camera..hes already made out with Satan.. opps I mean Onision.

For those of you who want to know my opinion on it all I do not think Shane is gay. Shane is always openly joking about his sexuality something a closeted man would not do. Also I think that his relationship with Lisa looks very genuine, you can just see the chemistry between the two in their videos. Joey Graceffa on the other hand I do think is gay. I know some of you are going to freak out but its honestly not that big of a deal.. its just my opinion. I still love Joey.