Harto / DailyGrace Not Friends With Jenna Marbles

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Youtube Dramaaa, Creator of my drunk kitchen Hanna Harto is no longer friends with Jenna Marbles OR her Ex-Boyfriend Maxnosleeves. Rumor has it that Hanna Harto started meddling in Jenna Marbles and Max’s  personal life when they were having relationship issues and it backfired. Jennamarbles and Hanna Harto appeared to be very close friends in 2012. Jenna would often use her many social networks to post about their friendship and she even promoted Hanna’s youtube channel Harto in a tribute video to 6 million people. As of december 2012 (around the same time Jennamarbles and Maxnosleeves broke up) the friendship was ended and Hanna even unfollowed Jenna and Max on twitter.

The situation apparently got even worse during the Streamys Award Show when DailyGrace and Hanna Harto both received awards and Jenna didn’t win anything…and none for Jennamarbles bye. Jenna even had to present an award to her rumored enemy and Hanna Harto’s best friend – Grace Helbig.

I cant wait to see what happens on thursday when Jenna, Grace, and Hanna attend Playlist Live.. Stay Tuned ;)



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  • tattie1993

    Did really no one point out the fact that her name is Hannah Hart, not Hanna Harto. If you are going to attempt to be a journalist don’t skip one of the most important steps: Research.

    It’s also fairly awkward that you don’t know how to spell a pretty popular youtoubers name when youtube seems to be all this site is about.

    • yotwizzle

      Yeah, it bothered me SO much to see her name spelled like that. :/