Did Michelle Phan Get Plastic Surgery ?

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Top beauty guru and Co-Founder of ipsy.com Michelle Phan has always delt with speculation about getting plastic surgery. Recently a new rumor has been started that Michelle has received chin fillers, and as much as I love MichellePhan these pictures have me convinced.

Michelle has previously mentioned that she was not a fan of her “weak chin.”

Many fans are accusing Michelle Phan of being a hypocrite for getting cosmetic work done since she has been an advocate for natural beauty, and self acceptance saying things like, “I am going to rock what god gave me.” One BuzzTubeOnline reader says, ” Its not even the fact that she has gotten some work done its the fact that she denies it, she should just be honest with her fans.”
Michelle has previously admitted to getting some work done but still denies permanent plastic surgery.

Do you think Michelle has had Plastic Surgery

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