PewDiePie Net Worth. Multi-Millionaire

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PewDiePie (Pronounced: “pyou-dee-piah” trust me people freak out if you pronounce it wrong) is a swedish youtuber that is absolutely killing it. Just to put it in perspective Pewdiepie’s monthly earning are three times higher than the queen of youtube JennaMarbles (estimated with stats from the last 90 days) So how much does PewDiePie make? BuzzTubeOnline breaks it down for you.

Unlike most youtubers PewDiePie is not very involved in Hollywood and he hasn’t had any major endorsement/business deals (which is so stupid think of all the video game endorsement possibilities) . Pew makes most of his money through Google Adsense earnings.

PewDiePies stunning girlfriend Marza rocking an expensive Louis Vuttion Bag

(These numbers are ESTIMATED using an average rumored CPM of the top youtubers)

December 2012

Video views- 101 Million

Estimated earnings – $200,000

January 2013

Video views – 169 Million

Estimated earnings- $340,000
Febuary 2013

Video views – 130 Million

Estimated earnings $250,000


PewDiePie Total Net Worth – $2.5 Million dollars.

Thats right folks that guy who makes funny faces and plays video games makes a Doctors yearly salary every month. Remember the good old days when the media wrote articles about Michael Buckley because they were shocked a youtuber was making $100,000 dollars a year hahaha and now  PewDiePie is making twice that every month. Keep in mind Pew is relatively new to the youtube limelight so he will be making a lot more in the years to come, enough to keep CutePieMarza in couture for the rest of her life.

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