Jennamarbles and Max Break Up Reason

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NOOOOOOOOO. We are so heartbroken about the Jenna/Max break up.

The Youtube couple recently called it quits after a public scandal involving a youtuber named BradTheLadLongs. A source tell us that Jenna was drunk one night and posted a comment on one of BradTheLadLongs videos saying, “You can’t fucking sing dude, and you’re creepy as fuck.” The comment was featured on the activity page of her 5 Million subscribers which then led to thousands of people sending Brad hate mail and even a few death threats. The cyberbulling irritated Max so much that he commented “What a lovely girlfriend I have…” which was the final straw for the couple.

Jenna then publicly confirmed the break up by tweeting “Wow. Max and I broke up after 4 years over BradTheLadLong. COOL.” This tweet made thousands of Jenna fans believe that Brad was to blame. Which guessed it ..caused Brad to receive even more death threats. Poor Brad :(

Since then Jenna has commented on the breakup saying, ”  It’s pretty sad. But you don’t have to be sad because we’re friends, we just needed to break up for now and if we are meant to be together I’m sure we will.”
What do YOU think? Can Jennamarbles and Max get past this?

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