Jenna Marbles Breakup Interview with BradTheLadLong

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We caught up with the youtuber everyone loves to hate to discuss all the Jenna Marbles breakup drama involving him.

We wanted to give you this opportunity to set the record straight about the whole Jenna Marbles breakup scandal that is involving you. In your words what exactly happened?

 well i woke up one morning and then i realized over night i had gotten hundreds of comments! i checked them all out and everyone was mentioning jenna marbles comment. i saw someone reply to her comment so i checked it and i went to her channel so it was definitely her she just said you can’t f***ing sing and stuff. which isnt nice,

Do you feel partly responsible for the breakup?

i dont no why people are blaming me for her and max splitting up coz as far as im aware, max just stuck up for me when she was mean!

How do you feel about all the attention you have been getting?

the attention, well its bad but i dont care about bad attention coz haters make me famous bitches!! LOL

While this scandal may have given you 15 min of fame, it also launched a major debate on wether this story is true or completely fabricated by you. What do you have to say to people that think you created this story for attention? 

well i dont blame people for thinking that coz id be thinking exactly the same but ive googled “why did jenna and max break up” and read yahoo answers and so many ppl on there say its becoz of me? i think someone bigger than me must of started this to hav ppl from random places know about it. i can promise people it wasnt me. i love jenna! i wouldnt want bad attention from her.
Speaking of yahoo answers we did a little digging of our own and found proof that someone was posting those questions with the purpose of bringing more attention to the story. A user named Felicity answered someones question about you
and then an hour later she asked the same question with the purpose of bringing more attention to you.
The general consensus is that you are Felicity and you used Yahoo Answers to bring more attention to your youtube channel.
I am not felocity and wouldnt do that. like i said i dont mind getting hate but i dont bring it on myself. if ppl hate me they hate me :) i think whether or not people think i did this or not im gonna be famous, coz ppl love to hate me. so i didnt. however i believe that Jenna and Max did split over comments she wrote on my video